Monday, December 15, 2014

What have I gotten myself into?!

So for the past year, I have been browsing the internet for anything to do with cross stitch and I have come across many groups.  Some are for SALS, some are for smalls, SFS, turtle trot...and that's just to name a few!

I have decided I would like to take part in at least two three of them.

Here they are in no order:

-Stitch From Stash -2015A
    -this will be done in two parts at 6 months each.  You have a budget of $25.00 each month (or currency equivalent) to buy stash from.  Whatever is not used in that month can be carried over into the next month.  Check out Epic Stitching to read all the rules and how exciting this is going to be!

The next one sort of goes hand in hand with the stitch from stash.

-Turtle Trot 2015.  The idea is to pick out ten projects and post your stitching status on them on the tenth of every month.  So I will be forced to work my WIPs and possibly UFO's. Which in turn, keeps my stash down (at least that's the idea) You can check out all the info and sign up Here at BAP attacks' blog.

-And finally Cross Stitch Collection SAL.  It features an Edwardian Garden Party, and if you sign up, they send you the pattern for free! You can also do 12 smalls, one for every month for 2015 or you can even do your own thing! It's their very first SAL It will be released in three parts, the first being released on Jan 01/15.  Click Here for more info!

So there you have it! Again, I ask....what have I gotten into??!!

Happy Stitching!


  1. What you have got (UK English!) yourself into is a lot of fun stitching next year! Others who have Turtle Trotted this year have been really pleased with their progress so with that and the new SAL you will have both old and new projects to keep you going. Roll on 2015! :)

    1. Roll on 2015 is right!! I just have to decide what ten projects i'm going to pick!

  2. aww not going to be in my sal then too bad, I joined up for turtle trot though

  3. Just visiting from CSC SAL page. I will look forward to seeing your progress.