Thursday, August 28, 2014


Warning: I think I vented a little novel here...sorry!

I am feeling so overwhelmed at the moment!  I have been cross stitching like crazy, but it seems like no matter how much I do I am not getting anywhere.

And, this blog....Oohh this blog. I really thought I would maintain it more.  It just feels like I have nothing worth blogging about.  And if I do feel I have something, I'm just so exhausted at the end of the day that I don't want to blog.  That's extra time I could be sleeping stitching!  Right? Am I right!?

I think I need some kind of rotation thingy with my stitching. At least that way I will be able to track progress and see some kind of before and after on my own progress.

The only thing about that.....( I know, mrs.negative over here) they just never seem to get anywhere.   I love reading other blogs, and I love seeing all the rotations, and the WIP's, they are all so inspiring!! I just think it takes longer to get a finish that way.  Maybe it's just me.

I have learned to control my a certain point. I only buy a chart or a kit if I have an immediate use for it once finished.  In other words, it will either be a gift for someone, or I will already have a place picked out to hang it.  I just can't cross stitch something and stuff it away somewhere when it's done.  I just can't do it.  It needs to have a purpose or I won't stitch it.  And that's hard to do.  As much as I drool over some patterns out there, I think to myself....but what do I do with it once I finish it??  I only have so much wall space and so many friends!

I also used to start a stitching project and not do another one until the first one was finished.  Wow, that was boring! Then I started to have 2 projects on the go at once so I wouldn't get bored. You know.... mix it up a bit. (oh what a rebel I am!) Well, if I could have 2 on the go...why not 3.  You see where I'm going with this haha.

So anyway, I'm kinda stuck on what to do.   Maybe I'll take a break from cross stitch for a little bit to try and regroup and get a plan going.

Yah right..Who am I kidding...

Happy Stitching!

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