Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Just a few things....

Here are some of the pretties that got me in trouble blew my budget for part A of the SFS.
Some beautiful silks and cottons from fiberlicious:

 Silk Mori threads from Kreinik:(they were stated as beginner threads!)

A piece of 25ct lugana.  I ordered this just to try it.  I'm trying to branch out with my fabrics.  I'm an aida girl...but all the other fabrics I see are so beautiful!

On a side note.... if someone can explain the 25ct to me I would be grateful!  I understand the over 1/over 2, but 25ct?? over 2 on this would be equal to 12.5 in aida?  Is that right?  That's like...huge!  I usually stitch on 16 ct how far off is this 25ct going to be??  Just when I thought I had it all figured out..Geesh!


  1. Yes, 25 count is equal to 12.5 count on aida. :) It is different to get used to, but can work for the right project. Beautiful stash enhancement!!

  2. Beautiful pretties :)! As Tiff said you are right on the 12.5ct aida, I would say though that most stitchers stitch over 1 on 25ct for HAEDs (or like me use it for Hardanger) as like you say 12ct is huge! More often stitchers use 28ct (equivalent to 14ct aida) or 32ct (equivalent to 16ct aida) when stitching over 2 as that is what the majority of charts call for - but each to their own :).

    1. Oohhh! I get it now (insert blush face here) ! 25 ct is not meant to do over 2.... Makes sense to me now.
      And this is why I love the blogging community... So fast to lending a helpful hand and no shame involved!! Thank you both! xo

    2. There is nothing to say you can't use 25ct for over 2 Tina - your design will just come out a bit bigger that's all! I used 25ct Colmar to make a cushion cover once (think I showed it in my fabric video) which was stitched over 2 but using 3 strands of cotton, so it can be done :).