Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Stitchy partner and a shout out!

First of all, after all the pressure I have put on my husband for years to try cross stitching....he finally has!  And I must say, he is doing amazing for a first timer.  I now have a stitchy partner in my very own house!!  Dreams do come true!

If you lovely bunch of bloggers out there could possibly check out his blog (yes, he made it especially for keeping tabs on his cross stitch) and give him a little bit of encouragement, it would mean the world to me.  He can be found here at Chronic Unit.  Thank you!

Now, for my shout out!!  I want to thank ALL you lovelies for commenting on my TT.  You have no idea how much pressure you have lifted off my shoulders!  Now I can enjoy my TT pieces again xox

Happy stitching!!


  1. Congrats!! My DH says he has too many thumbs to stitch....

  2. Wish my DH would make some stitches, will check out his blog

  3. My OH tried it once because I bugged him to enough he managed about half of a tiny pixel figure before he gave up :D Will check out his blog.

  4. I don't use google+ so I can't comment on his blog directly but his stitching looks great!!

  5. It's Fun stitchin' with you.
    Now, what the heck is TT >: